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Don’t be like that honey, it’s weird, you are great the way you are, please don’t. 

Being afraid of change is being afraid of the natural progression of life, and being scared of progression is dangerous. 

Laleh, a Swedish artist, sings Det kommer aldrig bli som förr, det kommer bara bli bättre which means “Life will never be like before, it will only get better”. 

In the last 5 years I’ve felt too much and I’ve felt nothing, made connections at that have changed my life, seen new parts of the world, discovered ways of living, thinking, and loving and now.. Like I’ve lost a piece of myself. Maybe that’s what happens when you invest in something with your whole heart, whether it’s school, work, or relationships. Loose a relationship and you loose the piece of yourself that person had in your heart, and what will replace it? Work, sex, things, other connections. Or you can accept that that part of you will be empty from now on. But instead of letting it eat at you, embrace how it’s changed you and learn from it. Naturally, it’s easier said than done. 

It will only get better

Rooftop, Cebu City

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bnw_rooftop14152137_10210653131946981_1665652977_oRooftop, The Tide, Cebu City, Philippines. Ph: Ezekiel Sullano

I’ve been all of the place recently, spending more time than any normal person on airplanes flying back and forth between Europe, the Caribbean, and Asia. Not that I’m complaining though, but it’s good to be back home. The funny thing is that as I’m writing this I’m checking in to yet another flight. This time it’s not Korea or Cuba but a Swedish domestic flight up to visit my sister in Umeå, the far north of our sock-shaped country.
I haven’t spend much time up there so this trip is going to be exiting. Did you know I’ve never experienced the northern lights? And yes, apparently you experience it, you don’t see it. I completely understand why my viking ancestors had such respect for the phenomenon when they looked up at the sky and saw the whirlwind of light in the dark sky. Apparently it was common to believe the light were closely connected to death. Of course, in those times you’d hope to go to Valhalla, today a large part of Sweden is atheist.

Personally I’d like to see it as a fibre of the universe breaking free from it’s surrounding bonds and reminding you of the brief and valuable time we have on this earth, placing things in the perspective that there are things way larger than ourselves that we cannot possibly begin to understand. That we are, after all, meaningless in the grand scale of things, but that theres is beauty in that as well and we should live it and never look back.

But what do I know, I haven’t even seen it.


Hello love it’s been a while

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She’s on the stairs in front of the museum, you pass by and you look at yourself. Sitting alone hoping that no-one will notice but still hoping they will. The sun is long gone behind clouds existing only on your mind and its coming but you want it to stay, stay, stay behind those clouds because if it comes out then everyone will see who you really are. The light is shining too bright and you feel self-conscious about the foundation you put on in the gloomy light in your apartment, do the cracks show and will they judge me, you think. Although you know it’s not what you’re supposed to think no no I’m strong and independent and need no help but I do, you do, we do, because the emptiness that we carry inside us is real so very real and if we try to fill it with substances and shoes and phones we are doomed

but then you realise it’s too late. That person who you once were is gone and nothing nothing can bring back things to how they were and you tell yourself it’s better that way because the person you were then was unstable and we chased the cars without thinking about what we would do if we caught one

then we caught one. Look at us now.


Best ramen noodles you will ever try

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Made such an amazing dish yesterday I just have to share the recipe with you, it was literally the best ramen noodles I have ever made. And hey, it’s healthy! I used 100% soy bean noodles to cut down on the carbs and made sure to use free range eggs (an addition of my own, by the way they are poached) and grass-fed beef, both from Switzerland, in order to really get a high quality dish.
The result: amazeballz!

Get the recipe from Blue Apron here.

If you love something let it go

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Today was just one of those days where you want to cancel your apartment, say tschüss good bye adieu to school and go live on an island somewhere in the pacific. I love my class and I love being an UX designer and lord help me I love Switzerland. Sometimes though, sometimes shit can bring you down.

I consider myself lucky. I have a job, a roof over my head, a family and an education. At this very moment in time, people are leaving their homes and everything they have behind in areas struck by disaster. People are running from war and misery, sometimes loosing each other on the way, are in the end are left with only themselves and hope to find some place better. When put in this perspective, I feel like I’m not allowed to be down and be disappointed because I’m better off that so many others in the world. I think we (middle to higher class, western world, etc) have a tendency to feel sorry for ourselves a little to often, that we are just a little bit too arrogant and a little bit too greedy.

But I guess, sometimes it’s allowed to feel sorry for yourself. I just wish I didn’t fell like such a hypocrite.

A Friday off

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eggandfruit eggavocado fruit seedsavocado

Good mooooorning! Oh how I love living in a catholic area – we have so many days off!
Yesterday there was an apéro at my uni to celebrate the 1st year’s success at creating their very own Rube Goldberg/domino-effect machine (see “This Too Shall Pass” by Ok Go) and to welcome them into the DMI community. And daaamn I have to say, they are so much better at organising apéros than we were back in the day.. Usually we’d just buy peanuts, chips and vodka without mixers. They made couscous, mozzarella sticks, salad, cakes, brownies, punch, bread.. You name it. So, cred to them! (clap clap) 😀

Afterwards (but not before receiving hate by my friends about leaving) I went to rugby training which was damn near the best training I’ve ever had. I’ve been doing crossfit one or two days a week for three weeks now and the results are absolutely stunning. I’m faster, stronger and I lost 4 cm around my waist. All while stuffing my face with (good) food every day!

When I got home two of my friends were there, we drank some wine (great post-workout snack heeeeehehe not) and then went out to join the after-apéro crowd. We didn’t go all in but it was still loads of fun, and this morning we woke up to a lovely and sunny day and we made an amaaaazing breakfast. Avocado filled with egg baked in the oven and greek yoghurt with fruits and nuts. Forget the english breakfast or big mac hype, this is the best after a night out!